What is a Sustainability Agreement ?

Sustainability Agreement

An agreement wherein a government or its agency, in contracting the Genesis Facility Corporation, sets a social, economic and environmental (sustainability) goal for a specific region or industry and requests the Genesis Facility Corporation to pay for the transfer of sustainable technology to, and to provide training for, a government-designated public or private enterprise. The transferred technology and training would carry sustainability multiplier(s) which, over a ten year period, generate economic activity equal to the nominal value of the government’s sustainability goal.

Example of a Sustainability Agreement

A government (or its agency) sets a sustainability goal for a specific region or industry to generate 1 billion USD worth of economic activity. The sustainability agreement states that the government has a 25 million USD energy project which requires state-of-the-art power/heat co-generation technology, technical training and investment. It further states that the technology, training and investment will carry a 40 to 1 sustainability multiplier which will generate 1 billion USD worth of economic activity over a ten year period, and specifies the project’s sustainability goals.

After completing a commercial assessment of the project, the Genesis Facility Corporation will pay for the 25 million USD energy project, thereby facilitating the government’s ability to achieve its 1 billion USD sustainability goal. In lieu of payment for services, the Genesis Facility Corporation will assume an equity position in the enterprise, thereby assuring a return on investment over time, and will provide ongoing oversight to ensure the sustainability goals are achieved.

Sustainability Agreement Equation

25M USD X 40 10 Years 1B USD
Technology, Training & Investment Sustainability Multiplier Multiplier Time Frame Sustainability Goal
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