The Genesis Facility is a group of non-governmental organizations whose mission is to plan and finance global sustainability, project-by-project, country-by-country, through National Renewal Plans, which begin by meeting basic human needs.


The Genesis Facility will :

  • formulate policies for achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability;
  • finance the transfer of technology, products and services to each sector of a national economy through enhanced offsets;
  • provide the comprehensive automated control of sustainability offset contracts using business finance and audit control software; and operate a secure, multi-media Intranet for individuals, industry, science and government to conduct the commerce of sustainability;
  • provide a legal framework for social, economic and environmental sustainability, and advise and assist policy-makers and law-makers in national sustainability legislation;
  • provide project development loans, grants and micro-loans; fund micro-enterprises and micro-franchises; and finance peace through post conflict development loans and sustainability offsets;
  • monitor, index and report the achievement of sustainability, project-by-project, and index and report the social, economic and environmental capital {Gross Sustainable Product (GSP)} of nations which have applied National Renewal Plans;
  • provide a partnership framework for individuals, industry, science and government to contribute to sustainability planning through National Renewal Councils.
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