About the Genesis Facility

The Genesis Facility is a group of non-governmental organizations which have been developed to deliver the mission to plan and finance global sustainability, project-by project, country-by-country. The group’s founding member, incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada, is the Genesis Facility Foundation which is responsible for policies and guidelines for the group, and is the contracting partner with national governments which apply National Renewal Plans (NRP). The Genesis Facility Group provides a multi-disciplinary framework for all NRP contracting partners and stakeholders.

An NRP contract begins by developing a legal framework for achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability, and by selecting projects in the water supply, health, education and housing sectors, followed by the renewable energy, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. The Genesis Facility Group will then organize and structure sustainability agreements which will finance the transfer of technology, products and services to each sectoral project. Other sectors of a national economy will be planned and financed according to the priorities of the NRP. An NRP also serves as a catalyst for enabling other non-governmental organizations, domestic, regional or international, to meet their sustainability objectives by participating in the National Renewal Councils and by integrating their projects into the planning and application of an NRP.

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